Professional Engineering, Project Management, Business Advisory, Environmental Consultancy & Dispute Resolution for the Construction Industry

Professional Engineering, Project Management, Business Advisory, Environmental Consultancy & Dispute Resolution for the Construction Industry

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Creating high-value businesses through growth & efficiencies

Civil engineers and environmental consultants providing project management, business advisory and dispute resolution for the construction industry.

We assist clients to build their business and provide project management solutions over the course of a project including contract management, design and dispute resolution through to high-level management incorporating company strategy, business advisory and corporate governance.



McGloin Baker offers a range of professional services to the construction industry including project and advisory services.

Our project services include project, contract and design management, cost engineering and pre-tender services. Advisory services include development and value creation for businesses through governance, strategy and operational assistance.

Project & Contract Management

McGloin Baker’s project team has extensive experience in project and contract management to help every step of the way, no matter the size of the project.

  • Tender analysis and procurement
  • Estimating, tendering and budgeting
  • Contract review, negotiation and execution
  • Contract and claims management

  • Site Superintendent and Client Representative

Business Advisory & Operations

Creating value in your business through good governance, strategy and efficiencies.

  • Corporate Governance
  • Advisory Boards
  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Risk Management
  • Implementation of Systems and Processes

Dispute Resolution

Resolving conflict through alternative dispute resolution

  • Claims preparation and adjudication applications

  • Adjudication Response
  • Systems and processes review
  • Mediation

Engineering – Civil & Cost

Expert project design management and constructability assessments

  • Claims investigation and inspection
  • Project cost estimates
  • Design and Certification
  • Third Party design reviews
  • Constructability and cost reviews

Environmental Consultancy

An extensive array of environmental services to assist our clients in achieving their sustainability and compliance objectives.

  • Ecology
  • Environmental construction and management
  • Soil and water

Leaders in business management and advisory in the construction and engineering industries

Led by Directors Ben McGloin and Paul Baker, the McGloin Baker team thrives on positivity that achieves results.

With significant experience in the construction industry our team has a sound understanding of industry best practice, systems, statutory requirements, constructability and cost to best leverage projects and create value for our clients.




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