Dispute Resolution

Resolving conflict through mediation and effective dispute resolution

Even the best of working relationships can be presented with issues where not all parties will agree. McGloin Baker has experienced alternative dispute resolution professionals to assist with construction disputes. Alternative dispute resolution is normally cheaper, faster and more effective at maintaining relationships than litigation.

Adjudication under the Security of Payments Act

Adjudication is where a payment dispute is referred to an Adjudicator who makes a decision about the disputed payment claim which is enforceable in a court.

McGloin Baker helps clients with claims preparation and adjudication applications, adjudication responses as well as updating systems to help ensure that the correct processes are in place and sufficient to enable an adjudication application should the need arise.

Additionally, having the correct systems and processes in place when responding to claims is also critical to stand the best chance should a claim dispute be put to adjudication.


Mediation is a process by which a neutral third party called a mediator helps the parties negotiate an acceptable agreement. The parties control the outcome which they can decide to be binding or non-binding.

Our registered construction mediators can assist with resolving disputes. Mediation can be a faster alternative dispute resolution process than other methods which helps parties resolve the dispute together and work towards an effective outcome.

Depending on the circumstances, mediation may also help in a dispute where the parties still want to maintain the working relationship, it is just that they have found an issue they can not agree on without outside assistance.

Services Include:

  • Claims preparation and adjudication application
  • Adjudication Response
  • Systems and processes review for Adjudication Claims/Responses
  • Mediation



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