Engineering – Civil and Cost

Expert project design management and constructability assessments

Designing for efficiency with optimum budget management

McGloin Baker has a number of registered and chartered engineers to assist with design and cost engineering. We have significant experience in the management of projects and their budgets which enables us to determine the most efficient way to design a project.

We undertake design of a project, provide a third-party review, assist with design management and undertake constructability assessments of existing designs. We review designs for efficiencies and differentiate ourselves by having a strong grasp of the cost of undertaking works and the cheapest way of fulfilling the design intent of a project.

Our team can provide cost engineering and quantity surveying services extending to assessing costs of a project prior to tender, undertaking claims verification for banks and lenders and undertaking inspections for project works insurance claims.

With significant experience in dealing with claims, we are able to ask the right questions to ensure that the verification of claims are true and accurate.

Services Include:

  • Claims investigation
  • Claims inspection and verification for lenders
  • Project cost estimates
  • Design and Certification
  • Third Party design reviews
  • Constructability and cost reviews



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